Lanternium - Review
Updated 3 months ago
Are you looking to challenge your wits? This colorful puzzle adventure will let you prove how smart you really are. Lanternium is a classic top-down puzzle game with some fresh mechanics. You will play a raccoon on a strange land filled with obstacles. You'll need to find ways to overcome those obstacles using your wits and a magical lantern.
Price: $9.99
Size: 600 MB
Genre: Puzzle
Developed by: Blazing Planet Studio
Reviewed on PC.
Download link: Steam.


Lanternium starts with a simple raccoon sleeping peacefully at his house. All of a sudden a magical portal appears and a sneaky fox comes through. The nasty fox has the courage to steal all the raccoon's cookies. Not today, once the raccoon realizes what's going on he runs through the portal after the fox.
Our brave raccoon finds himself on a very strange place and, sadly, the fox scapes through the level's exit. Lucy for our cookieless hero, he finds a snail to guide him through this weird land. He'll teach you how to use your lantern and help you on your way to catching the fox.


Lanternium uses simple turn-based movement mechanics on a square divided map. Naturally, you won't be able to simply walk to the end. First, you need to collect your cookies, obviously. However, advancing is harder and harder as new obstacles are introduced. The main obstacle is missing blocks, which can be filled and walked on using your magic lantern.
By matching the color of your lantern with the color on the block they will become solid. Keep in mind that changing the color of your lantern while standing on such a block will make it vanish. That means you'll fall to your doom and will have to restart the level.
The game starts easy, but, it won't take long for it to get challenging. Some blocks will actually cut your way back once you pass them. It's important to think and plan your moves before advancing. After all, leaving cookies behind is unacceptable.


Laternium uses 3D graphics all around. Their style is simple, colorful, and clean. However, they didn't hit the mark with the poly ratio for the characters. I feel it fell in an awkward space, not high enough to be detailed and not low enough to be simplified.
That being set, I think Blazing Planet Studio did a great job with the environment. Both the maps and the UI have a great feel to them.


Lanternium is not doing so well with respect to its community. Steam reviews have been positive so far, but, their community hub has very little engagement. They have a decent following on Twitter, but they're not very active there. Their Facebook page is small and I couldn't find a Discord server.
This is quite worrisome for a game of the adventure puzzle genre. It's easy to get stuck on an adventure puzzle game and the best to solve that is asking the community. Now, let's keep in mind that Lanternium is a new release. It's very likely that time fixes that.


Lanternium is a colorful adventure puzzle game with fresh features. The color of your lantern will affect the map to let you advance on your way. The game starts easy, but, the difficulty scales quickly. Help our brave raccoon recover his stolen cookies.
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