Land Of Enchantments
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Windows; Mac; Linux
Land Of Enchantments is a Hardcore 3D Platformer with an Economic System and a Survival vibe. And modding.
NOTE: Visit my Trello Board to see a more in-depth version of what's planned next. If you want something easier to digest, I strongly suggest that you take a look at the Land Of Enchantments' Roadmap.


What would happen if you mixed Super Mario 64, Minecraft, and Civilization V in a cauldron and then filtered everything and got only the juice out of that? Let me tell you.
Land Of Enchantments is a Save-The-World Hardcore 3D Platformer with an Economic System, Survival vibe, Professions, RPG elements, the best Crafting System you ever saw and a Questing System. But what does that all mean? Well, let's begin by the Save-The-World part.
Save The World
A world was contaminated by the Corruption, a disease that killed or corrupted anything. People called this world "The Corruptland". The Corruptland was another world, another dimension. The disease had spread itself so much in the dimention that something weird happened. Something almost... supernatural. The dimension started collapsing, and the thin veil that kept that dimension separated from other ones ripped appart at some points.
Meanwhile, In The Enchanted Land, portals opened everywhere, spreading the disease, bringing the Corruption from that world to this one. Some portals were so huge that they would pull people from this world into them.
Creatures lived in The Corruptlands, before it became corrupt. Once the disease appeared, things began to change. Plants and creatures died, but some were so corrupt that they managed to survive, but forever cursed, hunting and killing anyone that got close enough. They were now mindless monsters, and nothing else.
Those shards of souls, the rest of what was once a beautiful world, crawled out of the dimension's breachs and brought their curse to this world.
Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, there lived a mage in The Enchanted Land, a being so powerful that was capable of creating and destroying dimensions by himself. Obviously, he is now long dead, a victim of time's fate. Legends say that he had left an Artifact containing all of his powers, something so powerful that would make whoever held it invincible.
You, a random guy, decides to go in an adventure to find the Legendary Artifact and save people from the Corruption. You're travelling between lands, trying to find this Artifact and helping people meanwhile. All of that while you try to get enough resources to get stronger, and to get some money to actually buy some of those resources, because, c'mon, no one goes far without help.
Economic System
Get a job. Sell stuff, buy even more stuff, negotiate. Don't have enough money to pay someone? Complete a quest. You can pick as many professions as you want, but be aware - you'll have to pay taxes for each one.
Survival vibe and the best Crafting System you ever saw
Yeah, gather items in the wild. Craft. Don't build (that's not possible in this game). Do you know any good crafting interface? Well, this one is great. It has all kind of filters, you can sort its list by many ways and even craft dozens of items quickly.
Oh, did I mention real-time combat and weather?
RPG elements?!
Drink Potions, get buffed. Did you know that you can even make unlimited potions? Those work without even drinking them!
4 Difficulty Modes.
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Insane
  • Insane +
Igor Vasiak
Igor Vasiak - Programmer
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Windows; Mac; Linux