Lady BlaBla's Textadventure - anti-bullying game
The text adventure we made for Lady BlaBla (an anti-bullying organization) was an awesome project to work on, it was aimed at an age group from 7 to 12 and they loved it. It’s an easy text adventure with some fun dialogues, you can play it online at the WebGL link (the game is in Dutch though). We also got to do an interview with a newspaper about it. The game was made in Unity3D by me, a 2D and a 3D artist. For some extra challenge I made it possible to add new dialogues without any programming experience so that when the dialogues got boring after a while the client could ask us to add new dialogues or even write them himself. I did the programming, game and audio design on this game. In total we worked 7 weeks on this game (concept, development, playtesting & release). More info on - April 1, 2016 WebGL link currently doesn't work with Unity Connect, you can play the game at
David van Scheppingen
Programmer & Game Designer - Programmer