Labyrinthica: The Quest of Lima
Updated 10 months ago
An action Roguelike about Lima who tries to escape the strange world he/she is trapped in.
Labyrinthica: The Quest of Lima
This is the first game I released and sold at around 2001. It wasn't very good, but the bigger issue was the technical issues due to developing this in a very bad C++ and no way to maintain this thing.
The premise of the game is that Lima is going to pick apples and then collapse, and then he/she(never decided if Lima is a boy or a girl) wake up in a strange world she/he needs to escape.
I invested quite a lot of my time in this, I postponed my studies at University for a year to make this game. It is a splendid train wreck.

Code, game design, sound and 3D by Ofer Rubinstein.
Intro and painting assets by Christa Wolff.
Intro voiceactor Ed Mace.
Special Thanks to Laura Peffer.

Ofer Rubinstein
The Old Developer - Designer