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Try escape of the laboratory, without them kill you

Phil is a scientist who works at Kallax Laboratory, is immersed in rare and dangerous experiments for the welfare of society. One day one of the Experiments capsules was destroyed and one of them escaped, Phil activates the alert button that will expel poison in 25 minutes after pressing it, in the same way Phil will try to escape from a laboratory with electrical faults and in which there is only a map of corridors, survive and you will be a legend!
* Log in and get private data (inventory), Leaderboard and access to other features.

* You can buy ammunition and items in the store with MP

* The closer you are to the exit, the better your position on the LeaderBoard will be

* Unlike other labyrinths, this has a greater difficulty due to the closed doors in different parts of the laboratory

* Different types of camera, Aerial, third person and isometric.

* Different items and weapons, some with strategic use.

This is a test version (Beta) Players who register and test will be rewarded such with additional MP and exclusive Weapons in the official version.

Diego Garcia
CEO in ColVen Games - Programmer
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