La Voz del Jaguar. By Mad Bricks.
Since February 2018, I worked in Mad Bricks as the Lead Developer of "La Voz del Jaguar", a metroidvania game that tells the story of a young shaman who's trying to prove himself worthy of trascending to the spirit realm with the help of his spiritual guide: a jaguar. The project is currently on hold while the company looks for investors.
With the development team, we managed to develop an amazing amount of features in the short time we could work in the project. Aside from the amount of developed content, here are some of the things I feel proud of:
  • The game was developed with a nice and solid architecture. This included using Dependency Injection with Zenject and following the SOLID principles quite well.
  • We created a well-working stats system for decoupling the main character skills while allowing them to correctly interact between them.
  • We used an existing physics engine as a start point, but quickly improved it to a great extent. We fixed a lot of bugs and heavily improved the performance of the engine.
  • We created a nice system for decoupling animation from gameplay logic.
All in all, and along with the other departments, we managed to produce a quite good demo in a really short time. Well done, everybody!
Oscar F Gómez
Game & Web Developer - Programmer