Kuboo Cloudfall
Kuboo Cloudfall is an iOS exclusive game published by Safe Communications and developed by ZeeGee Games. The player skydives to the finish line trying to place first while collecting stars and energy and avoiding obstacles. Originally developed as a snowboarding game, the concept was dropped when I was made programming lead.
Energy is collected to fill the boost gauge, which is then activated by tapping the boost button. The health bar indicates how many obstacles can be hit before losing the game. The player can increase health capacity by purchasing it in the shop. Cosmetic items such as the player skin and board can be purchased in the shop as well.
The play area is essentially a tunnel that you are "falling" down. Player movement was through a virtual analog stick that corresponds to an absolute position in the tunnel. For example, move the stick to the center, and the player is centered in the tunnel. Move the stick to the left edge, and the player is at the left edge of the tunnel, and so on.
There were several power ups that could be picked up. Invulnerability would allow the player to pass through obstacles unharmed. The magnet would pull stars towards the player from a short distance. The bolt would slow down other racers.
There were 10 tracks. Each track was split into 3 sections with a transition between them. This was to make each section more interesting by changing from day clouds, to night clouds and storm clouds. The obstacles were procedurally generated using set patterns based on track difficulty. For example, the designer created patterns such as "circle of obstacles" and "spiral of stars". Each track section would then have a list of possible patterns. The patterns were generated at intervals with a slight pause between each one.
Kevin Lukic
Software Programmer - Programmer