KRGraphics R&D: Custom Hair and Eye Shaders (Work in Progress)
For this project, I wanted to create a suite of shaders that are suited toward high end visuals in my project, using Amplify Shader Editor, which allows me to visually author shaders with little shader knowledge. In these shots, I am demonstrating the hair and eye shaders, which are still a work in progress. The hair shader is only a base shading layer, since I would need a custom lighting model to create the two specular highlights, such as the one you would find in the Marschner Shading Model and Kajiya-Kay.
The eye shader is based off the shaders you would find in games like Paragon and The Last of Us, allowing to have a high level of detail. My goal for these shaders are to have them performant and easy to set up.
Kashif C. Riley
3D Artist - Artist