Koliseum Soccer VR Activation Code [Xforce Keygen]
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About This GameKoliseum Soccer VR is the most epic game of table soccer in VR. Also called Babyfoot, Foosball or Kicker, it is one of the most iconical arcade game ever. We recreated the gameplay that everyone knows but with a twist.Here are the main features The dribble. Perhaps our most famous feature. You player comes off the bar and starts running towards the goal. Truly epic when mastered. The lob. Press a button and the ball will go over your nearest opponent. The multiball. Once this bonus is activated, 2 additional balls arrive on the pitch, testing your reflexes in a high intensity gameplay. The death ball. If you activated this bonus, the ball destroys everything on its path. The ones who survives have a chance of scoring in an empty goal. Only in the deluxe edition: customize your character with different heads, hats, bar handles, and animations. Currently there are 60 of them. We will organize tournaments on a regular basis. We even plan on organizing the World Cup of table soccer VR, so be sure to train hard.Why should you playThe game won the Auggie Awards for "Best VR in show" and the Aurea Awards for "Best VR innovation" at Europa-Park.We were among the finalists for the VR Awards in the category "Best Out-of-home Entertainement"Our game is designed for E-sport/tournaments/prize money purposes, so it could be a smart move to start training early if you want to take advantage of the growing trend of E-sport in VR. If you are not satisfied with the game, you can always ask for a refund. But, that would mean quitting before you are World Champion...What is included in Deluxe version19 customized heads and hats19 customized bar handles19 customized goal celebratory animation3 Early-accesss only Founders PackThe game was shown to more than 7'000 beta players in real life. We improved the game to their feedbacks. It is now available on Steam for everyone to compete. b4d347fde0 Title: Koliseum Soccer VRGenre: Indie, Simulation, Sports, Early AccessDeveloper:Kynoa SAPublisher:Kynoa SARelease Date: 7 Dec, 2019 Koliseum Soccer VR Activation Code [Xforce Keygen] koliseum soccer vr bad purchase , bad game and bad service
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