Knights Fall
Published 2 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Optimized for smartphones, Knights Fall is a new unique take on action puzzle games with simple controls that are easy to learn but hard to master.
Taking control of a handful of characters, you must fight to defend the Empire from forces of evil from far away, but also be wary of the dangers that lie within.
The goal of the game is to use the soldiers to collide with enemies in order to clear the battlefield. When you begin a stage, you tap to launch soldiers from the right of the screen. Adjusting the launch strength and perfecting your timing are crucial--you'll need to master these skills for success at higher levels.
Unique features
  • New exciting battle system.
Key Features
  • Over 120 unique levels with a range of mission objectives to complete.
  • Immersive Story Mode, engaging Defense Challenge and, competitive Score Challenge.
  • Strategic and challenging gameplay.
  • Defend your castle with mighty heroes.
Duil Lee
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android