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I'm working on making a fully interactive system to duplicate as much as possible what K.I.T.T. could do from the 1980's TV series "Knight Rider". For those that don't know. The Knight Industries 2000 or K.I.T.T. for short was a prototype, virtually indestructible car of the future. KITT could perform many fantastic functions with his built in onboard A.I. system. KITT was able to self drive, open doors, auto roof, ejector seats, scanner, voice projection and sound duplication, record, Audio and video, Video phone, Turbo boost, etcetera. I have been using Unity 3d along with the Arduino system and V.R. to give KITT many of these abilities. But I have high hopes that the system can go far beyond just something very useful and entertaining within the "Knight Rider replica builders Community". My thoughts are that this could well be adapted for use in any vehicle, Home automation or robotics project. KITT is able to give emotional responses based on how he is spoken too, so he gets mood swings of a sort. The project is very in-depth. My YouTube Channel has some of the best project update videos that explain a lot more in detail the project's scope. And can be viewed here:
Michael Knight
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Michael Knight
2 years ago
Artist, Moderate Programmer
saishashankGreat job
Thanks, sorry for the very late response, not used to this part of Unity yet ')
2 years ago
Great job