Knight Errant: Tales of Chivalry
A casual mobile role playing game inspired by illuminated manuscripts, that favors storytelling over leveling and grinding.
Knight Errant: Tales of Chivalry is a mobile, casual role playing game. Inspired by the beautiful illuminated manuscripts and timeless allegorical fairy tales of the Middle Ages, Knight Errant is designed to return to the storytelling roots of the role playing genre. The game is structured after a classic fantasy book, with a map in the endpapers to set the scene, and beautifully illustrated and written pages to tell the story. The setting is a fairy tale world, once upon a time, long ago, in a land far, far away—an allegorical, romantic version of some liminal zone between East and West just after one of the Crusades. The fertile valley is sparsely populated (the wars? Plague? Some curse? Or just uncluttered space to focus on the story at hand?) and currently under no central rule. It is home to a cast of characters familiar to any fairy tale, or Robin Hood adventure, or the Canterbury Tales. Into this valley rides the Player Character, fresh from the battlegrounds and not of this place, and there begins many a tale.
Thomas Olson
Freelance gamesmith - Designer
Thomas Olson
2 years ago
Freelance gamesmith
We are looking for a Lead Engineer, Animators, and some 3D modelers!