KMG Tournament
Published a year ago
In development
Mac; Windows
A collection of local multiplayer gay sports games, with kissing
KMG Tournament is a collection of 5 small local multiplayer sports games in which the rules of the games have been edited to include kissing.
Skydivers - 2 teams of 2 jump out of a plane competing to try and land alongside their teammate while keeping the opposing team apart, and make out on the ground.
Smooch League - 2 players fence using their mouths instead of swords.
Tonsil Hockey - 2 teams of 1 or 2 players try to maneuver the opposing players into their goal and kiss them to earn points.
Speed Dating - 4 players skate through a crowd of AI to kiss each other without falling over in the crowd.
Johan Sebastian Fuck - 8 players secretly choose crushes from the other players. They then move around a circle kissing other players to remove them from the game until there are only 2 left. If the final 2 players chose each other as a crush ... ;)
Alice Krouse
Indie Game Developer - Designer
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Mac; Windows