Kitty Paradise
Updated a year ago
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Windows; Android
A mobile game for kids, focus on problem solving and path finding.
Kitty Paradise is a lightweight mobile game targeting children under 10 years old to improve their skill of problem solving and path finding.
The game container several levels, with different difficulty. Their goal is to find a continuous path from a beginning tile, that goes across every tiles in the level. After that, the cat will follow the path to collect all the Tuna on the tiles and move to the next level.
The gameplay is quite simple for us who are adult, but have a certain difficulty for children, thus improve their cognitive thinking skills and have a positive impact on their learning, and the graphics is beautiful and cute enough to impress them to play (we think so).
Beside that, they can use the Tuna collected in each level to unlock new cute cat, or even a whole new environment.
If you are interested in this game, or have an idea to share with us, please comment below.
Tran Ngoc Tam
Programmer, Effect designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Vietnamese
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android