KingPin Bowling

KingPin Bowling

Kingpin Bowling was a bowling mini-game I developed as a closing semester project for my students while teaching  a game design an development course at OSU in 2017.
One of my main goals in my course was to give the students practice & tangible knowledge an examples of game design & development. For the latter half of the course the students were tasked to develop a bowling game. I provided all the game assets, albeit un-textured but encourage them to build there own if they were able. Since the course was online, each week I uploaded a 1-2hr video along with my lecture & demonstrated all the things the student needed to do to produce a full game. Since the class was a beginner level class I tried to make things such as scripting & game mechanics as rudimentary as possible, as not to over whelm them.
In each class, each student successfully produced a fully functional game & hopefully was able to further not only there interest but there development as game designers, developers, &/or 3d artist.
Tony Brown
Interactive Multimedia ISD - Other