Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Published 2 years ago
Windows; Xbox 360; PlayStation 3
Truly a first of its kind. It combines the complexity of the truest of RPGs with the depth in combat of the biggest action titles.
This was the very first game that I worked on, right after finishing my university degree. I joined Big Huge Games as a junior developer and during that time this was one of the two projects that I helped develop. The game was still very early in development, it had a different title and direction during my time there. My contributions at the time were:
  • Implementation of FMODex into the Big Huge Engine sound system.
  • Creation of many tools that allowed the sound designers to add dynamic ambient sounds into the game world (such as ambient music and reverb effects).
  • Made a tool for recording dialog lines from microphone input.
  • Worked on systems that controlled the progression of quests and conversations between the player and NPCs.
  • Worked on systems and tools to render special effects as a response to game events.
  • Expanded upon the 3DSMax exporter/importer tool.
Walid Fayad
Senior Game Developer at King - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox 360; PlayStation 3