Kingdom Escape
The story takes place in a world made of flying islands. Different kingdoms are living on those islands. They travel between islands using magic stones called warp-stones. There are some conflicts between kingdoms, but the world lives in a good harmony.
One day, a titanic creature appears and starts to devour islands. The creature materializes chaotic elementals on islands to spread fear and confusion.
Facing this terrible fate, every kingdom reacts in their own way. Some kingdoms fight chaotic elementals hoping it can weaken the creature. Some others kingdoms prefer to worship the creature.
You are a kingdom which try to escape by teleporting from island to island to escape the creature. However, teleporting your castle and your people needs a lot of warp-stones. You need to collect those precious stones while chaotic elementals attack your people. But be fast, the creature is about to devour your island.
Debout Marc
Independent video game developer - Programmer