King Of The Eggs
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Do you like your friends scrambled or sunny side up? Forget deviled eggs, these are the only eggs you are going to want to serve at your party from now on. Welcome to Eggorias! A land where you and your friends will compete in the wildest most exciting egg smashing competition the world has ever seen.
Hard boiled or raw these eggs just know how to party. And you are invited to their favorite party of all time, King of the eggs! The festivities include: Beating eggs, beating friends and sick beats (Disclaimer: Not to be confused with sick beets, Mr Alpaca Games does not endorse the consumption of disease ridden vegetables ). You’ll fight in a variety of stages, smashing the competition and proving yourself a worthy successor to the throne.
Crack went the king’s shell when he fell off his throne. Now the nations of Eggorias have sent their strongest champions to fight for the right to rule the kingdom. A competition like no other this tournament features different trails to test the might of these eggs: “King of the hill”, “Survival”, and “Hotball”. Prove yourself in each of these challenges and be crowned the King of the Eggs! Let’s just hope your rule lasts longer than the last...
This carton of eggs holds:
Four glorious heroes of the tournament ready to party
Three game modes: “King of the hill”, “Survival”, and “Hotball”. Each game mode features three different maps with their own unique twist.
Three ways to play: Play a “Quick match”, test your might in a “Tournament” or keep the good eggs rolling with “Endless”.
...And all the egg related shenanigans you could think of!

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Game Developer - Game designer - Programmer
Hello! Yes, PC only right now. Maybe consoles in the future. No plans for mobile
MG theL
6 months ago
platform only pc? please make mobile!