Kinect Face and Body Input
I found no Asset taking Input from Kinect Face input so I wrote a single file to make the unity receive input from face and body and try to publish it in asset store but declined. I was thinking that there is no asset already providing this facility to take Kinect Face Input and worked hard to make a single file with no extra class libraries. but declined with directions I could not understand that "Your key images are not to the quality that is an acceptable standard for the Asset Store. Quite often this takes the form of an image being too busy, clashing colors, using the Unity camera default blue or default skybox, plain text, or not being a good representation of your content."
As my key image was same my youtube file showing above it is not clashing colors or sky was not simple but I don't know what happened. and also to develop profile in this site as I had just given my facebook profile as website. and to use html tags in meta data I don't know why. I am confused what I have to do. so just try showcasing it.
Please redesign your images to be more aesthetically pleasing and attractive. "
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