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About This GameKinacoustic is a music composition game and a new musical experience. You can control the elements of music by bouncing melodic Drops onto colored Note Lines that you place. In doing this, you can create basic or complex songs - your own composition or a cover.Kinacoustic is full of features that help you create songs and enjoy the game:Rhythm - Sometimes referred to as beat, the pace at which notes are being played. Control this with the Drop Emitters and the Clock.Pitch - A,B,C,D,E,F and G notes in seven different octaves all with their sharp, flat, and natural variants. Control this with the color of the lines you draw and the length of them.Tone Color - The type of instrument playing the notes. Control this with the type of Drop Emitter you use. In Kinacoustic there is Workshop support (Sound Pack support). So you can add other people's Sound Packs to your game, directly from the Steam Workshop. Or if you are tech savvy you can make your own and upload if you like.Dynamics - The volume at which a particular note is being played. Control this by making the lines thinner and thicker.Sustain - How long a note is being held. Control this by creating a Sustain Orb. Whatever passes through a Sustain Orb has it's Sustain changed to the value on the Sustain Orb.Drag Box Tool - Use this to copy and paste chunks of a song and move it.Global Gravity - Adjust the Rate at which all the drops in the scene fall at.Clock controls - So players can better control Rhythm.PDF Manual - A manual to guide you through all the intricacies of the game.In Game Tutorial - Teaches you the basics while you create the beginning of the popular nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.Fully Resizeableable Game Window - Great for looking at sheet music and the game simultaneously. Even on cramped screens.Platformer Mode - Tired of composing? Turn on Platformer Mode to run and jump on your placed lines. Even create full 2D platform levels with some of the special lines to add diversity.Steam Workshop Integration - Seamlessly subscribe to user-made content or upload your own to the Steam Workshop for the world to see.Steam Trading Cards - Play the game to unlock cards you can trade on the community market or with friends.So what are you waiting for? Pick up Kinacoustic and start Kina-Composing today. b4d347fde0 Title: KinacousticGenre: Casual, Indie, SimulationDeveloper:Maithonis StudiosPublisher:Maithonis StudiosRelease Date: 4 May, 2016 Kinacoustic Download For Pc [cheat] kinacoustic. descargar king acoustic. mama kin acoustic The line with many colours, and the ball bouncing at different speed and angles. This is Kinacoustic!!First bought the game, opened it, well, nothing special, but now i am totally stick on it!!Looking the ball bouncing around and making contact with the line is so satisfied, especially when you take time and decide to make a song, you can,t stop playing the game until you finish the song!! I am so sure that you will have incredible feeling of success and delight when you complete your works!So take your time and enjoy the unique musical experience in this gameHighly recommand to the music lover, or anyone!! ^_^. This game is very good, i love how you have all the choice in what songs you can make, it has been a pleasure so far playing this and im loving it. i rate it 10/10. A very fun physics based music sandbox of sorts, if your a fan of music and like the animusic series this game is a must. I just bought this and i love the concept!The only negative thing I can say about this is that the sound quality isn't the greatest in the world.However, I cannot wait to do full songs with this!. This game is very neat, but I quickly lost interest due to how difficult it was to make something worthwhile because of the bounces that could potentially mess up your creation.If you're very patient and looking to relax, this is the game for you.. To be honest — at the moment I've lost a fight with this game. xD In comparison with classical musical tabs I've got used to long time ago I mostly have not enough patience for this. It is easy to understand the way of how it works and how to use what you have to create something, but as already been said here — this thing is easy to learn but hard to master. But still I love it as something quite unique.Myself I have both musical skill and above basic knowledge how to correctlty compose music, earlier I've sometimes had a mood to write polyfoniac melodies on many different voices, but I've got used to tabulature programs such as Guitar Pro or Power tab and tabs/notes themselves (actually, not counting them as a programs since I'm not a pro and usind them for personal joy), and this game at some point made me wonder — if it will be better to reccomend it for people who hates solfège to show that solfège as it is is not such a difficult thing as they may see it, or quite opposite — to reccomend it for ones who see solfège like crazy dark woods but still want to try to write songs somehow that they have in their minds. I can't say that game itself can really help to understand many-many composing rules, but at some point I think it even can be helpful for studying. Maybe, it can be helpful in both cases. And I think kids should like it since it's a completely new point of view on the composing question, which is simple at understanding what to do and what you can get if you'll try to do something with a serious attitude. Anyway, it is a great idea and a great game to lost your head in it. It is still so much fun! Especially when because of drops bouncing not where you thought they will makes you think also about such things like improving personal geometrics... XDWell, still planning to beat it and create something serious with it, yep. Someday. I hope. XDDD. It sucks. Dont let the video fool you. You will never be able to do that.
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