Kin Teams Up with Bigfoot
Updated 7 months ago
Kin Teams Up with Bigfoot
We’re all very excited that the Kin Gaming Challenge with Unity has gone live and developers are off to the races coming up with cool new ways to integrate Kin into their games. The road up to this point has been filled with much excitement, and Sergio Silva did an incredible job making this a reality for everyone. Outside of the program he’s also been working with a couple of partners to create news games that are built with Kin. These experienced development teams have been amazing to work with. Now let me introduce to you, Bigfoot! These guys have been hard at work creating a game specifically for Kin, which includes the P2P marketplace that many of you have already seen in our screenshots from the Kin Gaming Challenge.
Who is Bigfoot?
Bigfoot is a Unity specific development team based out of Argentina who have been developing games on the platform since 2014. They boast a large team of 16 members including 7 amazing artists! They have created games of all categories. One of the most unique parts of their games is their artwork. And according to Bigfoot, this is why all their games “look fucking awesome”. They have developed an assortment of games over the years for themselves and also for some pretty large clients. One of their more popular games in the app stores right now is Idle Payday, which they created for their client, Kongregate available on Android and iOS!
Why Bigfoot?
As always, we like to be very strategic when considering working with a development team. One of the biggest considerations is making sure these teams understand and believe in our mission at Kin. We want to make sure that they are just as excited as we are to build out the ecosystem. Keeping this in mind gives us a greater chance of success as these teams will be much more likely to continue building with Kin and creating new value for their users.
What Next?
Bigfoot has been hard at work developing their newest Kin integrated game, Fly Away. Initially it will available on Android, and the game is nearing it’s completion. Moving beyond Fly Away, we hope to continue working with Bigfoot to create more exciting games while introducing Kin to the world and showing gamers and developers what’s possible with an in-game digital currency.
The future of Kin is bright in gaming and we will continue to march forward and explore the endless possibilities. Keep an eye out for the release of Fly Away!
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