Kin SDK for Unity
Updated 2 years ago
Kin SDK for Unity is live in the Unity Asset Store
Add it to your project today!
Kin is a currency for the digital world that makes games better - creating value for users that extends beyond the game with the Kin SDK for Unity.
By using Kin, you’re joining a fast-growing network of social apps and games, with access to 500M users. It’s a big network of people, with the potential to help you grow your audience and monetize your game.
So we’re launching the 25B Kin Game Challenge exclusively for Unity Developers! We want to work with the most innovative developer teams to fuel our growing network of games.
To get started, register here and download the Kin SDK for Unity. The first 100 developers get 50M Kin for free when their game goes live!
Integrate Kin digital currency into your games for a chance to earn grants or win additional awards through December 30, 2019. Top games will be rewarded with up to 25B Kin in grants and across three award categories: Best Use, Community Favorite and Most Active Users.
Why use Kin? More Connected: Kin doesn’t just live in one app. When you use Kin, you get access to an entire network of apps that put users at the center.
More fair: From building an incredible game to contributing content, Kin lets everyone get fairly compensated for the value they create online.
More fun: Flexible enough for any game’s needs. Kin can be customized for any type of game. The only limit is your creativity.
What’s in the Box? A simple SDK for Android (coming soon to iOS) that gives you access to the full functionality of the Kin Blockchain. Integrate Kin into your game using the Kin playground, a sandbox environment where you can create and experiment with new ways to engage players, all without limitations or costs.
Key features: - Open new accounts - Easily create wallets - Earn and spend Kin in your game - Gift Kin to other players - Look up balances
Build with Kin Getting started with Kin is easy. Getting a whole new way to engage your users while creating real value and revenue options.
To see how Kin works, check out our documentation: Hello World for Unity Kin SDK for Unity Source code on Github Kin Architecture Overview Friendbot (or playground) service
If you run into any problems, log them on GitHub Issues.