Kin Gaming Challenge
Updated 2 years ago
Kin Gaming Challenge
We're launching the 25B Kin Game Challenge exclusively for Unity Developers! We want to work with the most innovative developer teams to fuel our growing network of games. The challenge will give up to a total of 25B Kin in awards and grants to developers across a range of categories.
By using Kin, you’re joining a fast-growing network of apps, games, with access to 500M users. It’s a big network of people, with the potential to help you.
How to enter: 1. Register now! 2. Download the Kin SDK for Unity 3. Integrate Kin into your games and let the magic begin!
Special Early-Bird Bonus: The first and best 100 developers get 50M Kin for free when their game goes live!
Awards Best Use Gold, Silver, Bronze and 5 Runner-ups. Contest judges will choose their favorite Kin gaming application when the challenge ends. We can already hear them cheering your name…
Community Favorite Gold, silver and bronze. Wow your network of fellow developers with the most original, creative or downright brilliant Kin integration for a chance to win in this category.
Most Active This prize is based on our KRE model. Up to 250 developers get a share of the award pool depending on how many active spenders they have during the challenge. Start early to get a leg up on the competition.