Kimo Run
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Casual Side-Scrolling Platformer mobile game


Kimo Run is a Casual Side-Scrolling Platformer mobile game. The control is simple: just use one touch on the screen to jump around collecting coins, avoid obstacles and defeating enemies.

Development Team

  • Ilham Hasymi Effendi (programmer, SFX)
  • Rudiansyah Wijaya (artist, animator)

How to Play

Touch the screen to jump. Touch and hold to jump higher. Jump while sticking to wall will perform wall jump.


The main character's name is Kimo. His friends are available to be played too. There are total 36 characters.


There will be total 4 Worlds and 3 Sub-Worlds with 1 Boss each world. (Only 1 World is done currently)



We use Unity 2D Bone Animation tool to create animations.


We use Unity Tilemap to generate the world.
We use perspective camera to give it parallax background effect naturally.
Custom Brush: We made a custom Tile Brush to put coins called Coin Brush. It is adapted from Unity prefab brush with a little improvement. The problem with the original prefab brush is we can't place the coin correctly on the map. We want it to be placed a little lower than the grid's position so the player can easily pick it up.
Look at the highlighted area. We added a Vector3 variable as offset to adjust the coin position. This brush can be used to place another prefab and position it as the way we want. For example: put some floating enemies that has a slightly higher position than the grid's.

User Interface

In Game UI
Main Menu, Settings, Character Selection
Pause, Respawn, Finish Menu

Screenshots / GIFs

That's all for now. Please don't hesitate to leave some feedback! ;)

Ilham Hasymi Effendi
Game Programmer - Programmer
Game Programmer
PaulGreat job with the bones and weights on the boss bear!
Thank you! Our animator worked so hard. :D
2 years ago
Game Developer
Great job with the bones and weights on the boss bear!
Game Programmer
陈锦丰Look Like Digimon XD
Ah yeah. I just realized that the character's shape is similar with Digimon in their earlier form. xD
2 years ago
Look Like Digimon XD
Game Programmer
MatthewBoss battle is a great teaser. I want to see more! Good job.
thank you! will update this page soon! ;)