Killer Escape 4
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Killer Escape 4 continues the series but also starts something new. There first three were 2D Flash point & Click adventures with 3D rendered graphics created in Cinema 4D.
With the switch to Unity I decided to make it an FPEG - A First Person Escape Game - cool eh? It's essentially a Point & Click FPS game with the primary goal of escaping. (So expect a little reading 7 puzzling ;-))
It's a scary setting with a primary enemy who must be avoided, adding a little tension to certain events - It's my first AI creation and I'm quite happy with it, hope to include more 'interactive' characters in my games in future.
I created everything for theis game including all 2D & 3D Artwork, models, textures and animations - All the Music & Sound FX - All the coding and systems based upon an engine I have been creating a year or so now - I can finally make games with the framework I have in place relatively quickly - So expect many more games in the coming months!
Simon Bennett - Psionic
2D 3D Designer - Coder - Musician - Artist