Kiddz Place
KIddz Place is a fun-for-all ages app, now with SIX exciting game modes!! it is the perfect distraction for any toddler! and the best part is... Kiddz Place is FREE!! the four games include: -Fireworks: What Child does not like fireworks? in this game mode you can simulate the bright colors and exciting sounds of fireworks by simply touching the screen of your Android device. -Animal Stickers: This game mode is perfect for the youngest member of the family where you get to place animal stickers on your screen which also include real animal sounds! - Duck Shooter: Tap the ducks to pop them and make them squeak and gain points, but don't let any get away or they will deplete your health! also there are hearts to collect to boost your health and a bonus duck worth 5 points! The more you pop the faster they swim. How Many can you get? -Ball Popper: as the colored balls float up try to pop as many as you can. The more you pop the faster the move. What score can you get? -Drum Kit: What child doesn't like playing the drums? with the Kiddz Place drum kit (With REAL drum sounds) now they can play them anywhere! -Glockenspiel: Always a staple favorite for any toddler loads of fun and easy to use! With all these features it's almost hard to believe that it is all Free!
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Anton Stechman
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