Ketch'Up & May'O
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Xbox 360; Xbox One; PlayStation 4; PlayStation 3
Kech'up & May'O are 2 aliens friends that are crashed on the planet Spy-C. they'll have to find and repear each part of there ship, and defeat the vilain Mout'Hard to deliver the Princess White Soz and leave this furious planet.
Ketch'Up & May'O is an adventure game in wich player(s) can play solo or co-op, and take control of the aliens Ketch'Up, the red guy with 2 heads, or May'O the Big fat And nice Yellow Guy. There journey will not be seasy, because they'll have to travel 100 levels, where each will be procedurally generated before the first play. wich means that you'll get a new adventure each time you start a new game.

During there journey, they'll meet famous people lig the 3 pigs and many other funny characters, wich will propose additionnal quests to the heroes to unlock uniques bonuses and accomplishements.
The levels will be organised and separated in 4 differents environments as Winter, spring, summer, and autumns, in wich enemies will be differents, and bonuses will have an impact in the way they are used! (because nobody can skying on grass :))
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox 360; Xbox One; PlayStation 4; PlayStation 3