Keloglan Adventures : 3D Tv Interactive Game
The Keloglan Adventures, on the air interactive tv game was produced with an inhouse game dev team formed by me. 3 Levels were produced based on the skill level of the player. It was planned with a host in a 3d realtime studio on live broadcast. Unfortunately the game and the program, never saw the light of the day. But it was complete with the hardware to control through the phone line that let us control the game "On-The-Air" Live Interactions. About the IP/Project : Keloglan is a historical kid-lit hero . In 3 years we have produced 2 seasons (season 1 : 52 episodes, season 2 24 episodes) for Trt Cocuk children's tv. It was in the 3rd place rating for a long time. I was the co-director of the second episode. This additional video is the directors edit for the season. The IP and the whole rights to the game and the tv series belongs to Animax Animation Studios. You can contact them for more info on the IP
Baris CIGAL - Game Developer - Other