Kefi : Graphics
Kefi's facility in Atlanta is one of a kind, and wants to inspire more moments of play, for stronger families and communities. Kefi approached several companies and selected BlackBox Realities as their partner because of our experience in Interactive Design and Art.
The artists at BlackBox Realities, drafted sketches and layouts of the clients vision before hand crafting and curating 3D assets that matched the clients artistic style. Over several months, the art team refined the scenes to make them immersive and appeal to wide audience without looking generic.

Working with a key creative and supervisor from Lucas Films

One of the challenges of putting the scenes together was the limitation of the hardware. Kefi's Chief Creative Officer wasn't used to real-time rendering and wanted to push the Unity Game Engine to it's limits. To satisfy the clients vision, the art team had to explore ways of optimizing scenes without losing graphic fidelity. Working closely with the development team, the scenes began incorporating state-of-the-art technology like, the Hybrid Renderer, Jobs Particle System and HLODs.

This project would not be possible without:

Dan Page - Managed art continuity, helped others with art tools and art techniques, de-noised mocap animations, and implemented industry standard assets like Fog Volumes & Aura.
Meghan Connor - Created shaders in Amplify Shader, Trees in Speed Tree and did the blocking and set dressing of the environments, including the lighting and post processing.
Krystian Babilinski - Optimized scenes and graphics using custom culling, dynamic loading and HLODs
Adrian Babilinski - Implemented the Hybrid Rendered for high Polly meshes that couldn't be batched by default (ie: grass) , implemented addressable assets with krystian to reduce load-times and manage memory.
Lyn - Created custom art for UI and dog customization, also implemented dog animations into long sequences and managed a remote team.
BlackBox Realities
Adrian Babilinski
Unity Developer | XR Guru - Programmer
Krystian Babilinski
Unity Developer - Programmer