Kawaii Deathu Desu
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Windows; Nintendo Switch; Mac
Collect the souls of your fandom as an idol from the underworld!
In Kawaii Deathu Desu, supernatural beings find themselves incarnated as cute Japanese idols! Halfway between cute and terrifying, these hellish idols start a competition that spans the world with a singular goal; to decide who can claim the throne of the underworld. What type of competition will this be, however? As beings of the underworld, the next to inherit the throne will be determined by whoever can collect the most souls from faithful followers. With that in mind, as idols, there's no better way to victory than mowing your own fans at shows!

For fans of fast-paced beat'em ups, you'll feel right at home here. Pick a supernatural idol and beat the hell out of - no pun intended - as many overzealous fans as you can.
In the Underworld death rules sovereign, but in time she begins to spend the resources of the kingdom with superfluous things that she finds in the human world during her customary collection of souls. After some time the population of monsters that she governs revolts and expels her from the throne playing in the human world. With this comes a wave for a new monster to become the ruler of the Underworld, but for one of them to claim the throne he must have an army of faithful souls. Thus begins a dispute between several races that sent their champions to collect as many souls as possible. To do this the best way and captivate the hearts of humans with artistic performances. And nowadays there is nothing better than to become an idol to achieve this goal.
• Simple, Addictive Mechanics - Play with just two buttons; easy to pick up, hard to put down.
• Fast-paced Gameplay - Quick matches that makes you enter on a frenzy!
• Hi-Fidelity Graphics - Beautiful pixel art, visual effects and clean sound effects
• Special Abilities & Unique Characters - Every idol has a special power that can be activated during the the show, as well as a unique gameplay style.
• Travel the world - Perform in lots of different arenas and stages as you travel the world to collect souls
• Replayability - Each show has three different modes; prove your worth with a high score to aim for the leaderboards.
• Customization - Use souls to choose outfits for each idol to change their appearance to your liking
• Competitive Local Multiplayer - Go head to head with a friend in couch PvP mode!
• Unlockable Content - Unlockable gallery images, achievements, music, and more for the completionist in you.

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Pippin Games
Ricardo Luiz da Silva Junior
PippinGames's Leader Programing - Programmer
Saulo Daniel Ferreira Pontes
Computer Engineer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Japanese; Chinese, Simplified; Chinese, Traditional; Chinese; Portuguese, Brazil; Russian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Nintendo Switch; Mac