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Racing game of Lovecraft and madness.
Karting game featuring H.P. Lovecraft lore for iOS/Android platforms with unique multiplayer mode.
Once upon a time, long before human civilisation, there was an Elder god ruling all Earth. His name was Great Elder One Cthulhu. Everyone loved him, and feared him too. One day, Cthulhu was so tired that he wanted to take a long nap. He slept through aeons, civilisations rose and fell while he was sleeping. His power became weaker and he became smaller and smaller.
When Cthulhu finally awoke, he saw his world threatened by his star-spawn friends! All them wanted to rule the earth!
Cthulhu found a way out of this argument with his friends: They will race against each other in a crazy Tournament! Winner rules Earth!
Karthulhu is a multiplayer battle race game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Some features include head to head multiplayer in the same device, no additional controllers needed and a special Necronomicon power feature.
- Race against a friend in local multiplayer. No controllers needed!
- Powerful powerups can help you win the race!
- Collecting 10 books unleashes Necronomicon Power!
- Necronomicon Power will drive your opponents crazy for some seconds, they will see random visions, maybe even Shoggoths!
- Unlock Tournaments and new characters by winning tournaments!
- 4 different tracks inspired by H.P. Lovecraft works!
- Lots of tentacles everywhere!

Upcoming features (coming really soon):
- Controller support.
- 4 player racing.
- More tracks & tournaments.
- More characters!
David Fernandez
Senior Programmer - Programmer
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Android; iOS