Kamé and the Guardians
Updated 6 days ago
Bringing light to the world
Based on an ancient Brazilian Indigeneous legend, every solar eclipse was a fearsome battle amongst the light and the darkness. At every eclipse, the light would muster the bravest warriors to fight alongside and finally defeat darkness.
One day, however, the light and the warriors failed. Darkness was spreading and as a last resource, the light sent to earth Kamé, a light warrior and the last hope against darkness.
On Earth, Kamé will be aided by several animal spirits until he faces the Darkness itself in a final battle for earth.


Kamé and the Guardians is a Metroidvania game where you control Kamé, the last sun shard spirit in a quest to restore the light to the world.


We started this project using Anima2D, for character animation, and now we are porting to the built-in tools.
The bones and skins were remade to match the previous configuration.
The character uses different Sprites for each body part, to give more control over the animation.
We already finished the main character rig and animations, and it works perfectly. Now our team is working on some new mechanics and level design.

We can't wait to share more about the game. We hope you enjoyed what've shown so far!

Freddy Bear Games
Cleverton Zili
Game Developer - Programmer
Rafael L Lagos
Game Producer // Game Designer - Producer
Marlon Mariotto
Artista 2D / Animador - Artist
Henrique Carneiro Fernandes
Gameplay Programmer - Programmer
Gameplay Programmer - Programmer
Thank you very much!
Game Developer - Programmer
This looks really cool so far! Love the opening cutscene and your use of the 2D animation component on Kamé looks really slick. Best of luck in the challenge guys! :)