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About This GameK'NOSSOS is a cold surreal adventure game about a man traveling the unknown reaches of the cosmos and the things he uncovers on his journey. Gameplay of K'NOSSOS is reminiscent of the point-and-click adventure game classics such as The Dig, Beneath a Steal Sky or Chronomaster, as well as the more recent titles such as Primordia. The game puts equal emphasis on characterization, atmosphere and storytelling on the one hand, and problem solving and challenging puzzles on the other. K'NOSSOS is developed with PC version being the main objective of the team at this point. K’NOSSOS features: •• classic point-and-click interface, •• abstract 2D expressionist style reminiscent of the art of Wassily Kandinsky, •• intricate dark sci fi storyline, •• non-linear gameplay, and •• cross-genre experimental soundtrack. d859598525 Title: K'NOSSOSGenre: Adventure, Free to Play, IndieDeveloper:Svarun EntertainmentPublisher:Svarun EntertainmentRelease Date: January 2019 K'NOSSOS Free Download [key Serial] knossos palace ac. knossos utgrävning. knossos 63628. knossos beach bungalow. knossos odyssey. knossos guide. knossos utgrävningen. freespace 2 knossos download. knossos government. knossos fm 100.6 live radio. knossos crete youtube. knossos city. knossos free parking. knossos video. knossos bus 2. knossos 714 09 grecja. knossos 2018. knossos crete opening hours. zalman knossos zm-gm4. knossos niel bij as. knossos news. knossos evans. knossos in a sentence. knossos excavation. knossos palace ferry. palacio de knossos 3d. knossos 68794. knossos linear b tablets. knossos meaning. knossos karta. knossos bull jumping. knossos beach bungalows & suites. knossos bull. knossos herstal. knossos culemborg. knossos ac odyssey. knossos software. knossos villas. knossos royal beach resort. knossos get your guide. knossos 360. knossos quartet. knossos definition quizlet. jet2 knossos beach. knossos temple. knossos palace hours. knossos ancient greece. knossos beach bungalows suites resort & spa. knossos layout. knossos hotel tolo. knossos unesco. knossos years. knossos 64546. knossos queen's chamber. knossos entrance. knossos zaziki. knossos virtual 3d. knossos significance. knossos youtube. knossos fleron. knossos greek mythology
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