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Windows; Mac; Linux
Justicia is a game about you being a judge in a dictorship... hmmm... But not a official dictatorship. So is it a dictatorship or a republic? No matter... But that´s the point: Do you wanna force the government restricting rights, are you neutral or do you want to destroy the government with the rebellions.
You make decisions... A lot of decisions...
Being judge is not easy. Search for erors in the statements of the defendents and witnesses. Investigate evidences to find out who is right. Choose the for you right punishment. But be carefully. If you decide wrong the government could get really angry of you. Ask the questions in form of a dialog system. Phone with both sides: The government and the rebllions. Accept bribes of them...
You live in a dictatorship wich is officially a republic. In a Mexico and USA similar state begon a civil war. At the end the state got divided up in many smaller countrys. You live in one of them. You were a lawyer but now a judge because the justice had to less judges because they need cancels to many judges because they dont work the way the government wants them to. But you can try destroying the government with the rebllions. Find the right part for you. Stay neutral, fight for your rights or punish poor families however you want!
YOU can be the JUSTICE itself!
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Windows; Mac; Linux