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About This GameAction strategy gameShift system robot battle◇ Game summary ◇Annihilation, capture, I will the mission of the base destructionIs displayed enemy that enters the field of viewHave a variety of aircraft, armed is preparedFind out the enemy, and try to attack from behind1. Save money2. Develop a robot3. Select robots and weapons4. Select the stage5. Battle starts6. When you become your turn, look for enemies that are not visible7. I'll attack you if I find it8. You have selected the defense method9. When the AP disappears, it becomes an enemy's turn10. If you receive an enemy's attack, the selected defense method will be executed◇ about the system ◇Enemy that has entered the field of view will be displayedThe attack from behind will be three times the damageThe successful development and capture◇ For operation ◇- [A] [D] : move horizontally- [W] [S] : forward, backward- [A] + [W] : left turn- [D] + [W] : Right turn- ATTACK menu: I choose the weapon to be used- DEFANSE menu: I choose the defense- Defense posture: shooting attenuation- Avoidance Preparation: missile avoidance- I controller corresponding have◇ For AP (active point) ◇Mounting AP: Required to mounting weaponUse AP: it needed to use a weaponcan show it at Twitch d859598525 Title: JUSTICE LEGIONGenre: Action, Casual, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:TEASOFTPublisher:TEASOFTRelease Date: 27 Jun, 2018 JUSTICE LEGION Crack Google Drive
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