Published 10 months ago
The game in production is a game that avoids barrage.
Unlike other games, you should avoid using Dash only.
The story tells the story of trying to get him back by manipulating a mutation caused by a mad doctor.
Development Team
 JO YONG HYUN (Main Programmer)
 CHOI YOUNG JUN (Sub Programmer)
 KIM JU PYO (artist, animator, planning)
 KIM I GYEOM (Sub planning, artist)
 you should avoid using Dash only.
 Various themes background and various game methods (boss rush, arcade)
Game Development
2D Tilemap
We used 2D Tilemap to make the stage background work better because we were making games for four small people.
So we can easily create a wider stage background.

2D sprite Shape
We used the 2D sprite Shpae function to create a background to liven up a empty background.
For example, they used wires or ventilators in the lab.
We will use this actively for city roads, forest trails, and tree effects.

2D animation
We used 2D animation to apply to monsters and bosses to create diverse and fluid bullet patterns.
It was able to produce animation of variety of movements with small data and has been actively changed.
That's all for now. We will try to make a more complete game!