June's Journey - Hidden Object
Updated 10 months ago
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Android; iOS; WebGL
A hidden object game for story lovers everywhere.

Discover romance, intrigue and mystery in an all-new hidden object game, straight from the roaring 20s!


Worked with the team of June's Journey - Hidden Objects. Wooga's next hidden object hit game in the market.
Released in October 2017, Facebook web game of the year for 2017.
Worked mainly on both Live ops to maintain and ensure client stability and also feature development along with the product, game design and artists teams.

Job Role Keywords:

- Driving feature development and working in sync with game design and product management teams, while providing technical feedback on design and product decision to ensure features are technically achievable.
- Creating tools for game designers and artists to enhance the content production and our pipeline workflow.
- Worked in sync with the product management team to test and validate different game features through testing sessions and responding to bugs and improvements reported during the sessions.
- Working with UI artists on visual polishing for the game, to deliver the best quality and user experience through technical resource friendly solutions
Ahmed Sallam
Herr. Sallam - Programmer
Game Languages
English; German; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; WebGL