Jump Drive
Published 2 months ago
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Windows; Unity Web Player; WebGL
Jump through reality in a running sprint... (GMTK 2019 Jam Entry)
Jump Drive! is a game based on the theme of only one., Where you must get to the finish without dying. If only it were simple as you only have one control to work with. You control the Jump Drive, a drive that teleports the player between two worlds, though it is known to be faulty and might break on your run.....
This game is has only one short level, not intended but ended up been the case due to how much work it is for only one person to achieve in around 20 useable hours of the full 48.
Feel free to comment you distances below, you'll know when you get to the end...
Some features:
  • Saving of progress in the level (PB & Last Run) (Doesn't Work on WEBGL Version)
  • Dynamic Loading & Death Screens
  • Simple Artstyle
  • Easy Controls, Hard to master!
Press Space to start and then Left Mouse Button to do stuff..... that is it.......
  • Code Red (L) -
  • Hi-Tech Evolution (L) -
  • FootSteps:
  • Jump Drive SFX:
  • Wall Hit:
  • Gravity Jump:
  • Normal Jump:
  • Menu Clicks:
  • Falling Smack:
  • Ball HIt:
  • Finish Cheer:
  • Searching For Signal (
Jonathan Carter
Games Development (Indie) - Student
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Windows; Unity Web Player; WebGL