Jump buggy (working title)
Published 7 months ago
In development
Windows; Oculus Rift
High speed racing, and jumps on an elevated racetrack
So this came about because I finally got an Oculus Go VR headset and thought "I'd really like to play something like the old classic Stunt Car Racer in VR". There didn't seem to be anything similar in the mobile VR space, so I started playing with warping meshes to curves in Unity. The results were promising and the standard assets Unity car has no problem driving on them at all.
The mesh warping code has grown from there into a little editor library, which I'd like to release in the asset store (once I figure out how to clear all the hurdles).
I'm still thinking about the direction to take the game. Driving AI on elevated tracks feels like it might be challenging. Multiplayer networking is a possibility (but also challenging). We'll have to see.
Tom Mulgrew
Software developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Windows; Oculus Rift