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Android; iOS
The year is 2017. Following Donald Jrump's successful bid at the 2016 US election, international borders have closed up, global warming research has halted and brick sales have increased at a staggering rate. With the world now in utter chaos and his tiny hands growing increasingly sweaty, it's time for Donald to leave to make the Galaxy great again. How? By jumping on his favorite things in the world... Walls!

Four kiwis, 12 weeks and an idea for our first game – what could go wrong? Constantly intrigued by the international shit-storm that was the 2016 US election, a group of four guys from New Zealand took it upon ourselves to portray the madness in game form. What started as a small scale project to see if a studio consisting of two designers and two developers could produce something playable, quickly spiraled into a lot more.
My role in Jrump along with ideation and general project management was all the 3D art which mainly consisted of modelling, rigging and texturing the low poly characters. I also produced everything seen in the release trailer.
Jrump was a massive learning experience for our small team and we have taken valuable lessons about the game creation pipeline into our next ventures.
Tom Bellamy
Video Games 3D Artist - Artist
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Chinese; English
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Android; iOS
3 years ago
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