Job Listings in the Gaming Industry
Published 15 days ago
On the Hunt
The job that most interested me was the programmer on the PC game ‘Eco,’ from Strange Loop games. It’s a remote job that I can do from home that’s with a small company, so I’d know I’d be contributing big to the game. After the listing from Strange Loop, I found a Junior software engineer listing from Florida. The company is Virtual Heroes and they boast having some of the best retirement packages in the industry with competitive salaries and great benefits. They require either a bachelors in some discipline like Computer Science, or six years of professional experience in the industry. They prefer someone with C++ experience or Unity or Unreal Engine skills. The third listing I liked was the Junior Series Games Programmer. This was another listing by Virtual Heroes, from their division of applied research associates. They want a bachelor’s degree in some computer discipline, or six to eight years in the industry. They would prefer familiarity with web-built applications and mobile platform development.
I would need my degree to even be able to apply to these jobs, but I would also need more programming experience. I haven’t even touched C++. C# and I have played around, and I’ve done a little bit in C, but I have no experience in C++. The Unreal engine and the Unity Engine are two of the biggest contenders when developing games and applying for a developer-type position. What skills I do have are less technical, but they are important. I am excellent at maintaining communication. I must make sure everyone is on the same page at my job, and it’s taught me teamwork. To apply for these positions, I would need a killer resume and a great cover page. I would need to be far more familiar with Unity and need to raise my skills in C++. Overall, I need experience making games.
Ashley Jacobs
Video Game Enthusiast - Student