JKT-1N - Unity Neon Challenge
Updated 2 years ago
Unity Neon Challenge entry by Jason Redway
I have been working on this solo entry for the Unity Neon Challenge in my spare time. I have used many free assets from the Unity asset store and many more of my own creation. This represents a work in progress but with an almost complete environment. I'm still working on some set pieces but its mostly the story thread that needs the most work now.

Update 16/01/18 - Final Submission:

Five hours to go and time to make my final submission video. I have learned loads along the way while creating the environment for this project. The main issues I had were with the lightmap rendering. The time taken to render light maps was prohibitive in the end and I had to abandon them in favour of the real-time lighting system.
Working on a Dual Xeon Quad core system with 32GB RAM, a 4GB K2200 Quadro and an old Tesla GPU I still found that for this scene the light maps took almost two days of render time!
In the final submission I have added many more characters and other dynamic objects to make the scene much more alive. My aim was to make a more natural living world set in a futuristic almost cyberpunk society. My influences are plain to see, Blade Runner first and foremost, Akira and Ghost in the Shell also and as mentioned below from previous updates - Edward Hopper.
I have created this project completely alone, just using help from the asset store where I could and from Adobe Fuse and Mixamo. Some of the other items in the scene have been modeled by me specifically for this project using 3DS Max and Photoshop. I have used Cinemachine and Timeline for the first time here. I used several virtual cameras including look-at cameras, follow cameras, dolly track cameras and free floating animated and still cameras. I found the timeline pretty easy to use but quickly filled up available screen space - I was glad of the track groups but found the UI inconsistent with the rest of the Unity Editor in controlling and zooming the timeline workspace - that took a bit of getting used to.

Update 13/01/18:

Update 12/01/18:

The current work in progress capture of my entry for the Unity Neon challenge. All the work I have done up to 12/01/2018. Changes include:
  • Removal of the Adam character assets to adhere with the rules of the competition.
  • Addition of Swat cop, replacing the Adam guard
  • Addition of robot models - 2 variation in texture - to replace the Adam asset
  • Addition of Monorail and extra camera
  • Addition of Main character with follow camera
  • Addition of dancing hologram (homage to Bladerunner 2047)
  • Addition of machine animations in the building
  • Addition of music track - Beer Hunter by David Griffiths

Models created for this challenge by me:

Update 11/01/18:

Now removed all Adam assets to adhere to the rules! The guard from the Adam character asset pack has been replaced with a character created with Adobe Fuse and animated using Mixamo's motion-capture assets.
The Adam character asset has been replaced by one from the Unity asset store - Futuristic Robot MK-01 by AndreaDev, though I did modify the texture slightly and made a variation to add into the scene.
The main character is now included, some work needs to be done on the animation - I was using Unity 2017.1 which is missing a vital feature for stringing animation clips together and retaining the offset position and preventing the subsequent animation clip reverting to origin. I have now updated to Unity 2017.3 which you can now define the animation clip to retain that offset from the previous animation clip on the same timeline.
In an additional scene I am using a camera panning with an offset to track the elevated monorail car, this adds to the atmosphere and the 'living world' feel. I'm aiming for a short cinematic piece and wanted to show off more of the environment.
The diner inspired by Edward Hopper's Nighthawks has been re-lit, the area lights were not working for me so I replaced them with point lights with mixed lighting mode, this will help when I get the incidental characters in there.

Previous work below

Latest update - 09/01/18
Removed all the Adam characters after having re-read the rules!
Work to come:
Protagonist to come out from building and head down the street. Cut to follow camera or POV. As protagonist reaches the junction on the road - cut to view inspired by Edward Hopper's Nighthawks painting Track protagonist as he walks past the Nighthawks diner New building is reached and the door opens - its a nightclub - protagonist goes in - people dancing - lights flashing - protagonist goes through to another door in the back and down some stairs into a room filled with computers Protagonist sits down at a computer and begins working.

I used only free items from the asset store or assets of my own creation which included my own Prefab Browser tool which was invaluable for keeping track of all the project prefabs, even when they were imported to their own asset folders.
The asset I have used in this scene from the asset store are:
PBR Prop Mechanic Box - Mandrill Phone Booth - Ozgur Saral Space_Objects - BLUEWARM Digital Multimedia Street Assets - Remi Storms Chainlink Fences - Kobra Game Studios Urban Props - BiSkiT Futuristic Robot MK-01 - AndreaDev Skybox - Clod Julai Models - IL.ranch Sci-Fi Door - 3DMondra Rain Maker - 2D and 3D Rain Particle System for Unity - Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson) White Smoke Particle System - Xenosmash Games Water Fx Particles - All VR Education Simple Modular Street Kit - Jacek Jankowski Scifi Asset Pack 1 - HoSchu 3D ATM - CGY (Yemelyan K.) Dumpster - Rakshi Games Steel Window - Rakshi Games Iron Rod - Rakshi Games Storage Building - Kobra Game Studios Pipes Kit - mojo-structure Pipers - Maksim Bugrimov Barrels - Maksim Bugrimov Crate and Barrels - Kobra Game Studios Modular Warehouse - Adamations Garbage Heap The Last - Rusik3Dmodels Сoncrete Blocks (Pack) - Maksim Bugrimov Modular Road Block [FREE] - RK.Team The Wasteland LITE -Aquarius Max Underground Industrial Models - Mario Haberle Equipment for Industrial or Sci-Fi Building - Coostvenay Industrial Objects Pack - Arkham Interactive Industrial Robot Arms Pack - Arkham Interactive Industrial Cabinets and Shelves Lite - Adventure Forge Industrial Textures - Arkham Interactive PBR Barrel - Lapis Edge Prefab Browser - ImpUnity Games Post Processing Stack - Unity Technologies Standard Assets - Unity Technologies Cinemachine - Unity Technologies Simple Decal System - Wishmaster35 Industrial Storage Tanks - Duane's Mind Rusty Cars - Duane's Mind

Additional assets:

Steam Filter Monorail, car and track Police Drone Building modules for main buildings and Nighthawks Diner Adobe Fuse models Mixamo Models and Mo-Cap Beer Hunter music track by David Griffiths
Jason Redway
3D Technical Artist/Animator - Other