Jingle Bell Punk
Updated 2 years ago
What do the holidays in the future hold?
Jingle Bell Punk explores a possible future on Earth that is inhabited by the society of the time - a completely humanoid cyborg clan, that requires no food or Oxygen for survival. What would the Holidays mean in a society of cyborgs? What would social order be?
More concept images, WIP images, references, additional information on the process at our website :-

UPDATE #5 (Jan 15 2018)
  • Skybox and assets set into place
  • Working on post processing for dof images, color grading
  • Character animation, setup in unity
  • Volumetric lights, haze, mist setup
  • Rain effect, lighting setup
UPDATE #4 (Jan 3 2018)
  • About finalizing environment assets this week
  • Char modelled and rigged, to begin texturing on Jan 5
  • 50% as of Jan 1! It was a little off due to New Years.
  • Aiming to hit 75% on Jan 8, still according to schedule
  • This week the bulk of the work is going to be particles effects and backend scripts or turning off assets when not in view, and for making cars move in the scene, and lighting the buildings.
  • Camera work and sound is on schedule, we have sound effects in place, we will be adding the background music before 75% (Jan 8)
UPDATE #3 (Dec 28 2017)
  • Busy week for art
  • Christmas tree - modelling iterations
  • Building - UV mapping, initial textures
  • Initial lookdev setup
  • Addressing notes for camera and layout
  • Setting up Unity cloud collab
  • Lotus joins the team for additional backend help
UPDATE #2 (Dec 23 2017)
  • Officially started submission on Unity Connect
  • Siyu joins the team to take over lookdev and character modelling.
  • Initial models for all envir buildings out
  • Rough cut of the camera angles and layout of the city inside Unity
  • On schedule with Environment and lookdev, and ahead of schedule with camera and layout
  • Preparing to begin character modelling on Dec 25
  • Aiming to hit 50% production by 30th December as planned
UPDATE #1 (Dec 20 2017)
  • Assembled initial team, Pranav & Hari - environment art, Abhilash - Timeline/Cinemachine/Layout, Srujani - Lookdev, Yidi - Particle effects, post processing.
  • Created Slack channel and trello board with all
  • Prepared production timeline, script.
  • Collected initial concept art references : Proved to be helpful when recruiting team members as they got an idea of the project expectation in terms of time and look.
Team Members :-
Pranav Pujara - 3D Modelling, Texturing

Hari - 3D Modelling, Texturing

Siyu Ren - 3D Modelling, Lookdev

Yidi Zhu - Programmer : Particle effects, shaders

Lotus Li - Programmer : Particle effects, scripting

Abhilash Mirji - Layout, Camera, Sound

Srujani Kamineni - Concept, Story, Direction, Production
Srujani Kamineni
Creative Director - Student
Srujani Kamineni
3 years ago
Creative Director
That would be interesting! Unfortunately, this terrarium is a part of the environment, not the environment itself.
3 years ago
Would love to see an enviroment based on terrariums.