剑网3:指尖江湖 JX3M
Updated 3 years ago
3D Archaic MMOARPG mobile game
《JX3M》是腾讯独家代理、西山居剑网3端游 原班制作团队历时多年打造的3D古风MMOARPG手游,完美移植端游轻功系统,玩家可以畅快遨游中国大唐的壮阔江湖。游戏完美还原剑网3经典角色、门派、剧情,玩家可以自由进行多角色养成。画风清丽脱俗,战斗刺激带感,各门派经典招式海量复刻,炫丽特效和精妙的连招设计给玩家带来视觉享受和战斗快感的双料盛宴!全新MMOARPG手游大作,国风崛起,定不负玩家的期待与厚爱。
Tencent's sole agent "JX3M" is a 3D Archaic MMOARPG mobile game made by the original production team of Seasun JX3-Tour, the time it takes lasting for many years. It has perfectly transplanted the dodge system, which can make players to enjoy the fun of the Brotherhood of Tang dynasty. The game perfectly restored the classic characters, martial arts, plots of JX3, and players are free to carry on multi-role. Elegant and refined painting style, fighting with enough stimulation, a huge amount of classic moves duplication of various sectarians, and dazzling special effects and exquisite designs of consecutive punches bring the players a double feast of visual enjoyment and fighting pleasure. The new MMOARPG hand tour will not live up to players’ expectations and love.



Great World of Chinese Style

"JX3M" shows a lifelike world of the big Brotherhood of Tang dynasty with ink-painting style; whether they are the martial arts of different styles like Qing gong, the crown, ribbons, pikes, and long armors wore by chivalrous men, or the rice fragrant village’s bridges and waters are all a very good interpretation of the beauty of the traditional Chinese style. And it has been repackaged in the form of more in line with the aesthetic taste of young people in a new era.



Ethnic Paper-cut

The design of JX3M UI has incorporated the art style of the classic Chinese paper-cut, and abstracts and concentrates this unique folk art to complement with the simple style of modern mobile game’s U-design, creating a unique performance style and highlighting the characteristics of martial arts tour in the new era.



Presentation of Classical Music

Based on a profound faction background, the game’s soundtrack of JX3M has applied the elements of traditional Chinese musical instruments to each martial art scene. Such as the Qixiu’s Konghou and music and Chunyang’s guqin etc. It has not only faithfully reproduced the fractions’ background settings with folk music, but also rejuvenated the traditional music in the form of games.