Jet Low Adventures
Updated 2 years ago
In search of light
Work In Progress Log #3 - Jan 15
Well, I spent 3 days to learned how to make PBR and then understood that it looks ugly for my flat style concept =D
But anyway, neon challenge wasn't the main goal for this project
I continue to work on it. This project in the pre-production stage, so work goes slow. I testing some ideas, and trying to finalize the vision of the game
Work In Progress Log #2 - Jan 10
// rain particle effect // small script for object animation by perlin noise // light exploration
Assets > Rain Drop Effect 2 (free) > Fog Volume 3
Work In Progress Log #1 - Jan 8

I started this concept in September before the Neon Challenge. But as part of the contest, I will try to implement 3D environment for this idea.
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