JEB Furniture
JEB Furniture Solutions is a supplier of innovative furniture solutions for today’s changing requirements for work and living place. Located in Hong Kong, JEB Furniture Solutions provides its customers with a network of furniture brands supported by a number of showrooms. The company, founded in 2004, is a highly experienced commercial specialist in supplying exceptional quality furniture and fit-outs to commercial, residential, institutional and public sectors. The product selection is from among the world’s foremost furniture brands as Vitra, HAY and Bene. With their international reputation, the company aims for quality and targets customers from all over the world. To sell and promote furniture pieces to the public, enormous amounts of catalogues have to be send to intermediaries, e.g. interior designers, all around the world. It is most probable that interior designers will only showcase the ones which are best designed to convince final customers. It is important to transmit the final customer that the catalogue depicts the best furniture available. To effectively differentiate the interior designers’ offering, it is necessary to equip them with an innovative tool. The tremendous number of catalogues that have to printed and shipped around the world constitutes a further downside of the current system. For only a new seasonal issuance of furniture pieces, enormous amount of paper is required to produce up to 5.000 of catalogues to be send around the world. Once delivered, only a few are used in fact, others are solely skimmed through and eventually littered as wasted papers. A high number of by-products causes harm to the environment and leads to unsustainable effects. Not only trees have to be felled and areas get deforested, but also gases produced during shipping drive the already high level of CO2 significantly up and further cause pollution. Additionally, for the company this means high fixed costs constituting of shipping freight and printing ink. For the final customer, it is extremely difficult to imagine how products look like in real-life by only seeing static pictures and colour patterns in catalogues. The instant access to the products or a way to visualise more accurately is lacking. The service of rendering different design options in advance, is time-consuming and uneconomical. Customers preferring to see a product physically have to visit a showroom, requiring time and probably even travel cost. An impactful understanding of the products is to be provided to the customer to improve the process. THE ADVANTAGES JEB Furniture Solutions overcame its challenges with the support of one app. The digital solution helps to visualize the furniture pieces while decreasing the environmental footprint. Retrievable at any time and venue the award-winning app reaches far more prospective customers and cuts the prior fixed costs of shipping and printing. A unique strategy was developed by Visionaries 777 with an entire focus on the customer. On the created app the user is enabled to choose selections and assortments of the furniture pieces in 3D. This simplifies the envision of objects for the customers and accelerates the process of choosing the furniture pieces. Giving the customers a real representation of the dimensions and how it can fit in their space, they can contextualize the benefits of that solution. This offers the user an engaging experience and causes excitement about the application. Fully engaged in a digitally simulated environment, the users become the directors of their own experience. The users develop a deeper understanding of the products exploring their options, functions and features. Each creation in JEB Furniture Solutions’ innovative app is entirely personalized and unique. The first option in JEB Furniture Solutions’ app is to digitally navigate showroom in a 3D format. This convenient option saves customers not only time but also renders more people the opportunity to visit the showroom. This further supports to bring the brand closer to the customer. While the users choose products, the app tracks the customers’ behaviour and memorises their preferences. Ongoing-developing buying behaviour patterns are created and established and applied to different users who show similar interests and tastes. For each pattern group the app recommends products which will most likely match the users’ preferences. With an increasing number of users and behavioural changes a more precise buying behaviour pattern can be developed. Showcasing the product to the customer in an innovative way, JEB Furniture Solutions accomplished to set up a sustainable business model. The app eliminated the need to distribute for every new issue published around 5.000 catalogues each 100 pages broad, hence resulting in 500.000 pieces of paper saved. Additionally, the shipment of the catalogues all around the world is obsolete and leads to a minimisation of CO2 emission and pollution caused by the company. THE SOLUTION Visionaries 777 designed an app for JEB Furniture Solutions to broaden the imagination of customers of the high quality furniture. The app allows users to compose unique arrangements and designs of their wished furniture. First, a navigation of the different applications is shown: the 360° showroom, the 360° interior design, the augmented reality interior design, the room builder interior design and the option to download more catalogues. The JEB Furniture Solutions’ showroom is visually depicted as the real-world setting and the furniture pieces are displayed with a high degree of accuracy. This application gives the user the feeling of standing right in the middle of the showroom. The next option is the 360° interior design which empowers the user to digitally see furniture pieces in 3D. Visionaries 777 further deployed a configuration tool to alter features and colours of the chosen product selection. As in catalogues, relevant information and details about the furniture pieces are provided on the side. The explicit product and brand overview make it an application which is convenient to apply. The app can save multiple ideas from one single person or the designs of different customers. Screenshotting the 3D arrangement and sharing the creation via mail or on social media is an additional feature of the app. The augmented reality interior design application displays the 3D furniture which the users can rotate, view and measure from every angle and explore unique features. The tool room builder interior design enables user to create the basic space as modifying heights of walls and the colouring of the floor. In the last application to download catalogues, which suggest the scalable and reusable platform allowing to add or delete obsolete catalogues from collection to save storage. The new efficient preview of drafts and visualisation challenges the user’s creativity. Using the app architectural drafts can be brought alive and a better imagination of products is rendered possible. The app retrievable at any venue and time offers the user a memorable experience and empowers endless design opportunities. The app consists of surroundings that bring the furniture alive. To present the furniture products on the device as they do in real life. THE RESULT The app with 194 MB is designed lightweight and compatible with Android and iOS devices. Free downloadable all around the world, the app is designed with a backend system to only safe catalogues they are interested in. The creation from Visionaries 777 achieved to fully immerse prospects in 360°, to enable customer to make decisions in unprecedented efficiency and to meet their expectations for a product. JEB Furniture Solutions’ reality app engages with the customer and empowers them to express their creativity. The app succeeded to stand out of the competition and to contribute JEB Furniture Solutions a unique position on the market. The app entirely eliminates the need to skim through different catalogues or to personally visit a showroom. The sustainable system significantly reduces the costs of render services, printing, travelling and shipping and is expected to onwards reduce the level of CO2 produced. Thanks to 10.000 downloads in 13 countries JEB Furniture Solutions proved a grand success. The company could reduce its annual costs of shipping and printing catalogues by even 60%. JEB Furniture Solutions invested the money saved back to intensify the customer-focused marketing and to develop a virtual reality tool, intended to be launched in the future. The developer of the app Visionaries 777 won the silver award at the ICT Awards 2017 for Best Mobile Apps (Enterprise Solutions) with a special mention on its creative and innovative application. The ICT award aims to recognise and promote outstanding information and communications technology (ICT) developed in Hong Kong.
THE FUTURE The virtual reality will be designed to offer a limitless experience of digital created space. JEB Furniture Solutions is aiming to extend the augmented reality tool to view the furniture selection and individual room creation in virtual reality. This will render the users the feeling of being 100% immersed in their predesigned environment and to move in person in it. The virtual reality will be designed to offer a limitless experience of digital created space. The features available in the augmented reality app will be sustained, however the added with virtual reality is to bring the room alive. JEB Furniture Solutions’ ultimate goal is to offset distances and to eliminate the need for the persons involved in a design process to physically be present in the same location. Virtual reality poses an effective solution to this challenge and will render designs in a common sense possible. For example, the interior designer, the architect and the property owner involved in the same creational process would be all located in different continents. With support of virtual reality each party will be able to adapt the draft and to be kept up-to-date with any modification made irrespectively of the location. Taking design processes beyond the screen will free people to interact with each another.