Jack Courier - Mission Mexico City
My first game. A survival, 2D side scroller that takes place in Mexico City, it was built upon drawings by artist Rodrigo Albert and a story developed by Carlos Albert Meza. I participated in this project as programmer and animator. A golden briefcase containing British intelligence´s top secrets has been stolen from the MI6 by the infamous “El Chacal” who has fled to Mexico City. Your mission is to track him down and recover the golden briefcase, but it’s not as simple as it sounds; you have to survive all the dangers Mexico City has to prevent you from succeeding. We know from reliable sources that “El Chacal” is hiding somewhere and you need to attract his attention in order for him to show up, he has planted dummy briefcases throughout Mexico City and you need to collect as many as you can in order to make him notice you, once he appears on scene you have limited time to catch him otherwise he’ll escape. Can you meet the challenge?
Jorge Reyna Tamez
Game Developer - Programmer
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Michael Katic
a year ago
Software Engineer - Programmer
Love this character and environment art in this!
Oliver Wuensch
a year ago
Art from concept to finalization - Artist
Underground stylish, i like it.