It was ME
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A Game Concept

High Concept

A stealth game. The player is a thief trying to navigate through spaces under modern surveillance.


A thief is not just quick feet and quick hands. What defines a true genius in this profession is, patience, the ability to plan meticulously. Improvisation is not a thief's virtue. If it is not planned, it is not correct. It is not a job-profile suited for the hasty. An expert knows when to back off and when to proceed.

It is a "good" job when the Thief is not known. It is a "great" job when the Means are not known. It is only "perfect" if even the When is not known.


  • Description: Puzzle, Semi-rogue like, Stealth
  • Setting: The player has to navigate through architectural spaces under surveillance and guard. The player should not be caught. Being detected is a game ending scenario.
  • Platform: Console and PC
  • Target Audience: 14 and above. The audience for Thief 3, Dark Souls.

Initial Concept



Stories are told about a master thief, whose identity was never found. His jobs were so discreet that the incident was often discovered days after. His 'jobs' bibliography covers the entire globe, with only one common denominator, the time of incidence was never established in any of them.
Never caught, even on surveillance, the police couldn't ever track him even after underground black market investigations. Famous for corporate espionage, a lot of businesses and business plans were fouled during that time and it is suspected that he was the single man responsible. This was 10 years ago.
Now the upcoming masters of the trade don't believe that someone like him even existed. The new generation is more into showmanship and fame. They want the world to know it was them.
Recently, similar jobs have started happening. But the item is always returned with a calling card attached. In all of the cases the "loot" was declared and found stolen only after the item was returned. Printed on the card are the words, "It was ME!".

Main Story

Nachiketa, our protagonist is a thief in retirement. Having gathered enough money to last him a lifetime, he has pulled himself out of mainstream action. Now working as a resource gatherer and planner for other thieves he spends most of his time reading and doing research. However recently, jobs which were his specialty and trademark have been happening and are being broadcast across the news. His so called unknown name he worked so hard for is being taken over by someone else and even worse across is becoming a thing of note.
Initially Nachiketa tried to overlook all of this but he can't take it anymore. From his research he finds out that it is INTERPOL who has who has been planting these red herrings and information trying to goad him into action and lay claim to his M.O. The future hits have been made known quite easily which is very suspicious.
Now that he knows this, it is time Nachiketa does claim his name but he will do so by making it unknown again. They still wouldn't catch him. They never could.
It is time to prove it really was ME.

Nachiketa Character Description

  • Age: 49
  • Hair: Black, Cropped Short.
  • Race: Indian
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Body: Lean, Muscular, Agile
  • Eyes: Black
  • Complexion: Dark (Brown)
  • Hands: Very Graceful, Elegant (like they belong to a watchmaker or a surgeon or a pianist) referring "The Hitchhiker" - Roald Dahl
  • Character: Patient, Stoic, Dexterous



  • Normal Walk - Moderate Control.
  • Sprint: Difficult to stop, lesser control, noisy
  • Slow Walk: Complete Control
  • Crouch: Slow Movement Speed.
  • Prone: Very slow movement speed.
  • Jump
  • Ledge Climb
  • Grab Object: Based on size and mass can be moved.
  • Tablet: Toggle Camera Feed, Floor Plan, view Camera Feed.
  • Full screen Tablet to observe Camera feed.


  • Normal Vision no sound/ with sound
  • Motion Sensors.
  • Sound Activated.
  • Infra Red
  • Wide Angle, Telescopic Vision.

Objectives in the game

Nachiketa has to steal the items according to the list he hacked (which was suspiciously easy) from the INTERPOL. The floor plan and surveillance details of the job site are hacked by Nachiketa. He has a live feed of the system via piggyback but cannot control it.



Jayant Kumar
Game Designer - Student