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Published 10 months ago
World Wide Multi National Company's Statistic Results
If you will research on software engineering you will find out that google specifies that terms similar to game development or software development are wrong because the only title given by companies similar to Microsoft is " Software Engineer ", it's the only recognized social title registered in the American Democratic Law Offices.
It's a proven fact that in 2018 that in the IT Industry Global Population is of approximately 20 Million People world wide with 5 million in all of the 50 states of America and over 15 million all over Europe more then my country's population witch is Romania that has just 16 million as criteria for myself I encourage you to visit my country because my country protects minority human rights and it is a wonderful environment to reproduce in your projects.
One statistic says that it's possible for one couple to earn up to $100.000 per years working from the comfort of there own homes witch is amazing if you think also about the fact that my article is realized based on proven statistics witch can be verified that IT Communities are between 400 & 500 people in every zone at a European level, a software engineer like myself earn between $50.000 & $100.000 per years as a hired employee in a company. ( " It's my right ! ");
As a individual I can attract investments based on logical results that are comparable to the current digital market witch can also be verified, the only logical conclusion at the end of your comparable research would be my initial one witch means possible investments, from a educational point of view it's a proven fact that the American Democratic State created life professions for digital devices similar to laptops, phones, VR PlayStation 4 witch are considered to be home devices that occupy part of your recreational time in a peaceful way therefore placing me as a developer for these devices in a superior position due to life chances. Let me give you a more concrete example : If a person is occupying a square meter in a public place, influencing a group of people, a chain reaction is triggered witch results in multiple variations that apply depending on the common interest witch be a favor or a financial one, no matter what would be the outcome of the situation it's self we realize the fact that it's important to maintain a social position regarding social advantages because these is the way relationships are form in a society, created on mutual support, possibilities, influence, life, protection, security etc.
If you want to be friends you need to memorize one provable fact, if the worlds population is 7.442 billion and there are only 20 million developers with only 2% Software Engineers ( Programmers ) and google guarantees that people buy video games at the age of 35+ these means that I have a chance for example to sell a iOS App with 8$ for at least 1 million times as a logical conclusion.
These means that if I create a pc game witch I could manage to sign a contract with a cd producer with 25$ similar to Ghost Recon and sell it in 1 million copies I could make $25 million witch is not a necessity for me because I already have access to publicity throw the intermediation of the mobile device it self offered by google.
I want to specify that at social tax level in the modern society some people are more interested of social assistance rather then just working for there money witch represents a social fraud and it is punishable by law.
If I create a 2D Game for mobile device that it's promoted by a social musician that has access to a wide range of possible clients with 2$ to over 3 to 5 million people it's possible for me to earn $1 million and who knows at a lottery chance maybe even make 15 to 35 million dollars because it's just attractive, for example Super Mario witch is 2D sold for over $6 billion in the last 25 years of computer existence or another concrete example would be Angry Birds witch sold for $6 million in just 10 years therefore I can assume that by having these possibility It is possible for me to create a digital game not necessarily a software and be able to earn such beautiful bank account, right ?
I'm interested in learning how to create a software for VR ( Virtual Reality ) because it's the decisive factor that makes the final contract to be signed by the potential investor, considering also the fact the Virtual Reality software's are used in the modern medicine for doctors to practice on corps before operating I consider it to be relevant for the general publics daily opinions, these possibility allowing me to obtain a majority in a public street for example witch is just great, any rational human being would consider you absurd to refuse such advantages, finding myself in these strange position is a routine.
Knowing how to fix a error in 2018 is satisfying !
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