It's Quiz Time - Freelance Developer
Go head to head with the biggest quiz game on console and PC... ever!
It’s Quiz Time is set to be the biggest trivia game ever released on console and PC, with over 25,000 questions and answers in a range of topics that will suit groups of friends and family alike. Guided by Salli, their smart and personalised game host, up to eight players can join in the fun, using their Wi-Fi or 3G-connected smartphones as controllers.
Solo quizzers can also take on the challenging single player mode to try and get their high score on the expansive leaderboards.
For PC, PS4 and XboxOne
I was brought on to help the team finish the game for its upcoming release date. Working remotely, my main role to date has involved working closely with the sound designer to implement reactive music and sound effects for the game using ADX2.
Tasks include adding platform specific functionally like a Steam build pipeline and achievements for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.